Travel deeper – change perspective – learn from the world

Welchen Teil der Erde willst du entdecken?

Wir reisen weil der Wechsel der Perspektive uns wichtige Lektionen des Lebens lehrt. Reisen und dabei andere Kulturen und Mutter Erde besser kennen zu lernen, sind die geheimen Zutaten von Menschlichkeit und einem achtsamen Miteinander. Wenn wir zurückkommen von unserer Reise ist Zuhause immer noch zuhause. Aber etwas an unserer Wertschätzung hat sich geändert – und das verändert alles!“


Travel deeper

Take full advantage of visiting a new country with those tips on how to travel deeper.
There’s always something to know, to see, to hear, to discover. The secret is to stay open to the unknown and to consciously embrace the opportunities.

Hey, I'm Tanja

a German explorer girl and traveler soul with an insatiable thirst for adventure trips around the world, foreign cultures and the mountains. I am passionate about all kinds of activities that you can do in the mountains, such as

Hiking, Paragliding, Climbing, Snowboarding, Camping …

I love the great outdoors and the beautiful nature of our planet. That’s why it is so important for me to protect what I enjoy exploring and truly live according to the principles of sustainability, humanity and togetherness.

I want to inspire more people to explore their compassion through traveling – motivate them to live their lives in harmony with the earth and – help them create energizing memories.

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